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Snow or never

Agora em movimento (e não confundir com acção). Snow must go on!


Sophia disse…
Jonas e a sua sombra, como companhia.
Tve disse…
(There was an experiment made one fine winter morning last week here in Estonia. A man and a woman, walking, the man wearing jeans, the woman pantyhose (40 den) and a skirt (black, to ease your curiosity, girls :)). 5 minutes walk, - 17 degrees (Celsius).
And the test and teh result: the body temperature close to the jeans/hose was: 12 degrees/24 degrees. So yes, boys, start wearing a skirt not to freeze!

And Jonas, I hope you got rid of the Orbit before it froze in your mouth!) Golden rule in this polar bear latitude: keep your mouth shut (and don´t walk but slide)!
Paulo Freixinho disse…
Gostei da partilha...
sónia disse…
Tens uma rã de estimação? Adorei!

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