terça-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2010

Hasta la vista, Lopes?

Hmm... No, I am not leaving... Sorry. And if this city doesn't have space enough for the two of us, then you should move. Lopes stays!

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Tve disse...

Estonian pronunciation lessons urgently needed, if you stay! :)
"õ" is a nice tricky one to start with :P

And doesn´t "hasta" mean "until"? You should be happy and flattered instead, as Estonia is writing in a well-respected newspaper that "a new era has started" in Estonia: with Lopes! (in your Estonian, i mean..:)

nota bene: sorry to say, but the actual meaning of "lõppes" is a bit sinister: "ended"...

Manuela disse...

Eles não fariam isso. Você apresentou Tallinn ao Novo Mundo.


Tinha aveia para o negócio.